Information for BRC Clubs, Centres and Officials regarding emergency incidents and terror attacks

Dear BRC Club / Centre / Official,

This is a very difficult email to have to write.

We are sending you this correspondence in light of the recent horrific incident in Manchester. Whilst we understand that this is an awful subject to have to cover, we wanted to provide some support regarding any concerns of how these types of incidents could affect riding club activities.

We do understand that some of you may have been personally affected by the recent, or similar incidents, so if you find this subject too upsetting to address, please do disregard this email.

It is important that we all have some basic knowledge on what to do should an incident occur whilst at a BRC / BHS event, or even at work or in any other aspect of our lives.

The Police have released an excellent video that gives some basic advise to follow in the event of an attack. The advice is called RUN/HIDE/TELL. If you feel able, then please do take a moment to watch this video here The guidance is also summarised in the attached leaflet.

We will be adding incidents such as these into our BRC Risk Assessments for all National Championships and activities, including events organised by BRC HQ, and those where members may be in attendance. We have attached some guidance which you may find useful to add into any risk assessments you are carrying out for up and coming events. This Risk Assessment guidance is split into two categories; events run by BRC and BRC organised visits to other events. Please feel free to use or adapt this information to supplement any documentation for your Club / Centre.

Finally, we have found some excellent advice here regarding talking to juniors about the Manchester incident – something that Clubs and Centres with a large number of active Juniors may find helpful:

Please do share this email with anyone that you feel it would be beneficial for.

I'm sorry that this is such an awful subject to have to cover.

Please do let me know if you have any concerns or worries.

Best wishes,


Laura Sanger
Head of British Riding Clubs and Participation
The British Horse Society

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