BRC NAF National Championship 2nd & 3rd September 2017

Congratulations to all the Riders who were successful at the BRC NAF National Championships. Once again BRC Area 16 Clubs have done themselves justice at a National Championship! With some Clubs carrying on from where they left off at the Horse Trial Championship a month ago!

For those who were not quite so successful, Congratulations on qualifying.

Don't forget the Winter Qualifiers are only just around the corner!


NAF Magic Senior Open Dressage:


Arena11 - Charlotte Thrower & Lady Maddison May (2nd)North Lincs RC

Arena 12 - Jane Armstrong & Cork Beauty (6th)Rutland RC

NAF Magic Senior Prelim Dressage:


4th North Lincs

Charlotte Thrower & Lady Maddison May

Libbie Norton & Meelickesland Ranger

Liz Pears & Statham Nautilus

Emily Arrand & Foxisle Rubens


Arena 9 - Emily Arrand & Foxisle Rubens (6th)North Lincs RC

Arena 10 - Charlotte Thrower & Lady Maddison May (1st)North Lincs RC

NAF Magic Medium / Advanced Medium:

Arena 15 - Michaela Preston & Bagheera(9th)Tickhill RC

NAF Magic Senior Pairs Dressage:

7th Rearsby Lodge RC

Anette Whitehouse & Cranswick's Mon E'clair

Andrea Katie Beattie & Luna's Eclipse

NAF Magic Teams of Six Dressage:

2nd Rearsby Lodge RC

Anette Whitehouse & Cranswick's Mon E'clair

Andrea Katie Beattie & Luna's Eclipse

Lucy Greaves & Jack Daniels

Jane Wood & Rushmere

Dawn Muston & Cefngarn Monty

Troy Shaw (Test Commander).

NAF Veteran Horse Dressage:

=8th Carly Bricknell & Under My Spell Welton & Dist RC

=8th Kate Armstrong & Norway Diamond GirlWelton & Dist RC

NAF Veteran Rider Dressage:

3rd Aderyn May Walker & Clio ZNorth Lincs RC

NAF Superflex Open 110 Show Jumping:


3rd East Midlands Dressage Group (EMDG)

Fiona MacDonald & Spring into Business

Ellie Clarke & Gilma D

Nicola Baguley & Glencarrig Dolphin

Sara Lees & Brillosa St Hubertushoeve


7th Nicola Baguley & Glencarrig Dolphin EMDG

8th Sara Lees & Brillosa St. HubertushoeveEMDG

NAF Superflex Senior 90 Show Jumping:


10th East Midlands Dressage Group

Natasha Peacock & Nantyfyda

Sara Lees & Castlemaine Park Rise

Jed Pedley & Sumofits Done

Ellie Clarke & Bengtsson


5th Valerie Carpenter & Rambertino(EMDG)

NAF Superflex Senior 80 Show Jumping:


6th Rearsby Lodge RC

Hannah Parr & Tinkers Boy

Helen Garner & Belle Isle Inka

Jodi Kate McDermott & Lady May

Becky Lawrence & Sitting Bull


6th Jodi Kate McDermott & Lady MayRearsby Lodge RC

NAF Superflex Senior Style Jumping:


2nd East Midlands Dressage Group

Natasha Peacock & Nantyfyda Greta

Fiona MacDonald & Spring Into Business

Ellie Clarke & Bengttson II

Valerie Carpenter & Rambertino


Arena 6 - 75cm

Valerie Carpenter & Rambertino (7th)EMDG

Arena 7 -85cm

Charlotte Thrower & Lady Maddison May (5th) Nth Lincs RC


NAF Magic Junior Dressage:


6th Tickhill RC

Hannah Comery & Ballyahive Prince

Laura Scawthon & Drifter

Bracken Parkhouse & Hwyi Sara

Emily Woods & A Lot Of Red


Arena 10 – Hannah Comery & Ballylahive Prince (2nd) Tickhill RC

Arena 11 – Jodie Ray & Wilhelm (1st)North Lincs

Arena 12 – Olivia Mawditt & Cwmduad Peter Pan (5th) Welton & Dist RC

NAF Magic Junior Elementary Dressage:


Arena 15 – Ellie Roberts & Tygwndwn Golden Boy (3rd) Nth Lincs RC

NAF Magic Junior Pairs:

4th Tickhill RC

Hannah Comery & Ballylahive Prince

Laura Scawthon & Drifter

NAF Magic Junior Riding Test:


Arena 2 – Hannah Comery & Ballylahive Prince (8th) Tickhill RC

Arena 3 – Bracken Parkhouse& Hwyi Sara (9th)Tickhill RC

NAF Superflex Junior 90 Show Jumping:


1st Rearsby Lodge RC

Jade England & Teddy Tulip

Mia Barlow & Kilnalocks Pilgrim

Lily Walker & Ace Lightning

Hannah Spray 7 Rosshill Dague


1st Lily Walker & Ace LightningRearsby Lodge RC

8th Jade England &Teddy TulipRearsby Lodge RC

9th Lucu Baguley & Charlie Go GoTickhill RC

NAF Superflex Junior 80 Show Jumping:


9th Nth Lincs RC

Ralphie Timmins & Clonboo Clyde

Rebecca Flowers & Tonelli Bambi

Tiggi Spence & Grange Fidgett

Maisie Short & Churchfield Nellie


4th Natasha Green & Twister VBlidworth Equestrian RC

NAF Magic Junior Style Jumping:


8th Tickhill RC

Laura Scawthon & Lisdoogan Cruise

Holly Stubbins & Zackabee

Alice Watkins & Flame

Emily Weir & Lucy V


Arena 6 – 75cm

3rd Rebecca Flowers & Tonelli BambiNth Lincs RC

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