2018 BRC Area 16 Horse Trial Results - 30th June at Speetley EC

NAF Profeet Senior HT 80:


1st  EMDG - Blair

2nd Rearsby Lodge

3rd North Lincs - Spitfires

4th  North Lincs - Bombers


1st Eve-Marie Manchon & Belvoirs First Project        EMDG - Burgham

2nd Charlotte Chisholm & Polly                              Nth Lincs - Spitfires

3rd Charlotte Bartle & Eye Eye Sally                      EMDG - Blair

4th Andrea Beattie & Lunas Eclipse                       Rearsby Lodge

5th Marie Harrold & Shannondale Gold Run            EMDG - Burgham

6th Rebecca Kerry & Manusargie                          Blidworth Equestrian

NAF Magic Senior HT 90:


1st Welton

2nd Rearsby Lodge

3rd EMDG - Bramham

Individuals - Arena 1:

1st Abigail Van Den Heever & Silver Endeavour     Welton

2nd Beccy Binks & Mouse                                 Rearsby Lodge

3rd Emily Ravendale & Dunnanew Dakota            Welton

4th Beccy Sissons & Magua                              EMDG - Bramham

5th Wendy Collins & Fade To Grey                     EMDG - Blenheim

6th Jenny Blythe & Sonic Boom Bounce             Howden

Individuals - Arena 2:

1st Kayleigh Nichols & Ollerset Juliet             Howden

2nd Michelle Billington & Pick Of The Day      Welton

3rd Helen Garner & Belle Isle Ink                   Rearsby Lodge

4th Becky Mullen-Ferose & Diamond Chip     EMDG - Bramham

5th Carolyn Chapman & Just William II          Rearsby Lodge

6th Jess Middlebrook & Macantas Beauty     Welton

NAF Superflex Senior HT 100:


1st EMDG Burghley


1st Sally Wood & Hio Ramiro Boy             EMDG - Burghley

2nd Andrew Lovell & Maid Of Courage       Tickhill

3rd Fiona Stephenson & Carryduff Golden Falcon Blidworth Equestrian

4th Hollie Jepsin & Ballykillen Lass           Welton

5th Julie Roark & Llangybi Zahara             North Lincs

6th Elaine Hepworth & Baileys                 EMDG - Burghley

NAF Superflex Open HT110:


1st Fiona MacDonald & Spring Into Business  EMDG Badminton

NAF Profeet Junior HT 80:


1st Tickhill


1st Emily Woods & A Lot Of Red               Tickhill

2nd Ralfie Timmins & Garden Of Easton     North Lincs

3rd Emily Weir & Lucy V                           Tickhill

4th Jessica Dook & Salernane Boy            Tickhill

5th Maisie Short & Churchill Nellie             North Lincs

NAF Magic Junior HT 90:


1st Tickhill


1st Isabella Parker & Murphy                       Tickhill

2nd Laura Scawthon & Lisdoogan Cruise      Tickhill

3rd Holly Stubbins & Zackabee                    Tickhill

4th Sam Bray & Mags Boys                        Howden

5th Ryan Trafford & Beckside Midnight Star  Welton

NAF Superflex Junior HT 100:


1st BRC Area 16 Team


1st Sam Bray & Ludorettes Bullion        BRC Area 16 (Howden)

2nd Lucy Baguley & Darwin                  BRC Area 16 (Tickhill)

3rd Hannah Comery & Ballylahive Prince  BRC Area 16 (Tickhill)

4th Emily Wood & Scooner                    BRC Area 16 (Tickhill)

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