BRC Area 16 Dressage, Dressage to Music and Riding Results

17th June at Arena UK

NAF "The Magic" Senior Open Dressage:


1st EMDG Blue

2nd EMDG Yellow

3rd Rearsby Lodge Willow

4th Howden

5th North Lincs Bombers

6th EMDG Red

Individuals Novice 23:

1stLaura Watts & Jente GNorth Lincs Bombers

2ndAndrew Lovell & Maid Of Courage TooTickhill

3rdMegan Page & IlonaHowden

4thSian Lovatt & Barrowtop ZiggySouth Lincs

5thRebecca Slowly & Yelwols LibertyNorth Lincs Spitfires

6thJoanne Horton & Foxisle ReflectionEMDG Yellow

Individuals Novice 27:

1stYasmin Thorpe & BlaneyRearsby Lodge Willow

2ndRebecca Sisson & MaguaEMDG Blue

3rdAndrea Lloyd & Charltons CavalierHowden

4thSonia Burley & Bleacottes CrackerjackNorth Lincs

5thJane Armstrong & Cork BeautyRutland

6thHannah Parr & ProsaroRearsby Lodge Oak

Individuals Novice 30:

1st Fiona McDonald & Spring Into BusinessEMDG Blue

2ndWendy Collins & Fade To GreyEMDG Red

3rdCatherine Cox & Penlangalol TravisEMDG Yellow

4thRebecca Slowly & Yelwols LibertyNorth Lincs

5thAndrea Kate Beattie & Ollersett JulietteHowden

Individuals Elementary 45:

1stBecky Mullen-Ferose & I ZingariEMDG Blue

2ndAnna Jean Griffin & Rockstar VIEMDG Yellow

3rd =Kate Armstrong & Norway Diamond GirlWelton

3rd = Kate Jackson & Pembridge Dym SharyddSouth Humber

5thAndrea Lloyd & Charltons CavalierHowden

6thRichard Adams & Isle Be ThereNorth Lincs Bombers

NAF "The Magic" Senior Prelim Dressage:


1st Tickhill

2nd North Lincs



5thRearsby Lodge

6th South Humber


Arena 1:

1st Kim Booth & EquadorHowden

2nd= Charlotte Chisholm & PollyNorth Lincs

2nd=Sue Ward &Show LegendNorth Lincs

4thJosh Bailey & MoragEMDG

5thSian Somerset-Hobson & Slighbawn DancerTickhill

6thSarah Mann & KatyRearsby Lodge

Arena 2:

1st Ellie Seals & Fred VITickhill

2ndCarol McCartney & Clooneen OisinRutland

3rd Sarah Bowker & Helenic SunriseRutland

4thBridget Brownhill & Spirit In The BreezeSouth Humber

5thVicki Waller & Grange KalikoWhite Horse TG

6th Jane McDermott & Barntop JanieRearsby Lodge

NAF "The Magic" Medium / Advance Medium Dressage

1stBecky Mullen-Ferose & I ZingariEMDG

2ndEllie Roberts & Twgwndwn Golden BoyNorth Lincs

3rd=Kate Jackson & Pembridge Dym SharyddSouth Humber

3rd=Micheala Preston & BagheeraTickhill

5thRichard Adams & Isle Be ThereNorth Lincs

6thPippa Owen & Claude DebusseyRutland

NAF "The Magic" Senior Pairs Dressage:


Andrew Lovell & Made Of Courage Too

Micheala Preston & Bagheera

2ndRearsby Lodge

Annette Whitehouse & Cranswick Mon 'Eclare

Andrea Beattie & Luna's Eclipse

3rdRearsby Lodge

Julie Johnson & A Golden Date

Dawn Muston & Cefgarn Monty

4thRearsby Lodge

Hilary Bowerman & Tudor Minstrel

Lucy Greaves & Jack Daniels

5th Welton

Abigail Ven Den Heever & Silver Endeavour

Victoria Strathman & Irish Kelpie

NAF "The Magic" Senior Riding Test:



2ndWhite Horse TG

3rd Rutland Ranksborough

4th Rutland Whatsborough

Individuals – Prelim RT:

1st Kirsty Collinson & Gullivers Man O WarWhite Horse TG

2ndKayleigh Nicholls & Ollersett JulietteHowden

3rdSarah Mann & KatyRearsby Lodge

4thKatheryn Rollinson & Tower HarryWhite Horse TG

5thJulia Cole & GarfieldRutland Whatsborough

6thSian Somerset-Hobson & SliabhdawnTickhill

Individuals – Novice RT:

1st Ellie Seals & Fred VITickhill

2nd Jane Armstrong & Cork BeautyRutland Ranksborough

3rdSian Lovett & Barntop ZiggySouth Lincs

4thAndrew Lovell & Maid Of Courage TooTickhill

5thEmily Lumb & Donna Melissa Rutland Ranksborough

6th Vicki Waller & Grange KalikoWhite Horse TG

TopSpec Senior Novice Dressage to Music with points:

1stLouise Pepperdine & LarrySouth Lincs

2ndSian Lovatt & Barontop ZiggySouth Lincs

3rdKathryn Rollinson & Tower HarryWhite Horse TG

4thFiona Thurnell & Humbug X White Horse TG

5thEmily McManus & Wilday FascinarTickhill

TopSpec Senior Novice Dressage to Music with zero points:

1stHeather Roach & Woodfield NoirWelton

2ndAllison Dickson & BasilNorth Lincs

3rdRuth Minter & Maylands BlueSouth Lincs

TopSpec Elementary Dressage to Music:

1stRosemary David & Royal MailRutland

2ndMargaret Powell & Curragh Kyle JasperEMDG

3rdFiona Thurnell & Humbug X White Horse TG

4thRos Seal & TaibosRearsby Lodge

TopSpec Novice Pairs Dressage to Music:

1st Rearsby Lodge

Julie Johnson & A Golden Date

Dawn Muston & Cefngarn Monty

2nd EMDG

Catherine Cox & Penlangonol Travis

Gavin Scott & Trouble

NAF "The Magic" Junior Dressage:


1stTickhill Piaffe

2ndTickhill Passage


Prelim 7

1st Alice Watkins & Charlie BubblesTickhill Piaffe

2ndJessica Cheetham & Treworgan DambusterTickhill Passage

3rd Amelie Lambi-Fryer & TiestoTickhill

Prelim 13

1stLaura Scawthon & DrifterTickhill Piaffe

2ndMillie Walters & Rathsallargh EarlTickhill Passage

Prelim 14

1st Lucy Baguley & Charlie Go GoTickhill Piaffe

2ndMollie Pettigrew & Shearwater RubyNorth Lincs

3rdLucy Baguley & Glencarrig DolphinTickhill Passage

4th Abbet Rose Davie & Danny BoyHorth Lincs

Novice 27

1stOlvia Mawditt & Cwmduad Peter PanWelton

2ndHolly Stubbins & ZackabeeTickhill Passage

3rdHannah Comery & Ballylahive PrinceTickhill Piaffe

4thMolly Pettigrew & Shearwater RubyNorth Lincs

NAF "The Magic" Junior Elementary Dressage:

1st Ellie Roberts & Twgwndwn Golden BoyNorth Lincs

NAF "The Magic" Junior Riding Test:


1stTickhill Travers

2nd Tickhill Renvers


1st Lucy Baguley &Charlie Go GoTickhill Travers

2nd Hannah Comery &Ballylahive PrinceTickhill Travers

3rdLucy Baguley & Glencarrig DolphinTickhill Renvers

4th Holly Stubbins & ZackabeeTickhill Travers

5thLaura Scawthon & DrifterTickhill Travers

6thAlice Watkins & Charlie BubblesTickhill Renvers

TopSpec Junior Novice Dressage to Music:

1st Olivia Mawditt & Cwmduad Peter PanWelton 

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