BRC Area 16 Show Jumping & Style Jumping Qualifier Results 10/06/2018

Please Note:

During writing up of the results for BRC to process, errors were found in some Show Jumping Classes which affected the minor placings for both Teams and Individuals in some classes.


The Senior and Junior Style Jumping Classes have both been re-calculated, as a result of errors found. These changes affect both Team and Individual positions and those Clubs have been informed where necessary.


The results below show any changes and are correct. As rosettes were awarded in good faith on the day those will stay as presented.


NAF Superflex 70cm Show Jumping:

Senior Teams:

1st      South Lincs

2nd     North Lincs

3rd     White Horse Trec Group

4th     EMDG Chepstow

5th     EMDG Cheltenham


Senior Individuals:

1st      Louise Benson & Killkenny Rose                      EMDG Cheltenham

2nd     Becky Sissons & Ruby                                      EMDG Cheltenham

3rd     Vicki Marshall                                                      White Horse Trec Group

4th     Samantha Elsam & Jessop Winston                 South Lincs

5th     Sian Lovatt & Barrowtop Ziggy                          South Lincs

6th     Stephanie Oscroft & Dontown Disney               South Lincs


Junior Teams:

1st      Howden

2nd     Tickhill


Junior Individuals:

1st      Emily Jones & Church Farm Bubbles               Howden

2nd     Ellie Frost & Carlos                                            Howden

3rd     Amy Weir & Lucy V                                             Tickhill

4th     Zack Farnsworth & Rosie Pie                            Howden

5th     Noah Marsh & Patient Lady                               Howden

6th     Millie Walters & Rathsallagh Earl                      Tickhill




NAF Superflex 80cm Show Jumping:

Senior Teams:

1st      EMDG Ascot

2nd     Rearsby Lodge

3rd     Welton

4th     Howden

5th     EMDG Aintree

6th     Rutland


Senior Individuals:

1st      Liz Horner & Belle                                              Howden

2nd     Abigail Van Den Heevers & Irish Kelpie            Welton

3rd     Carole Rudkin & Call Me Alfie                            Rearsby Lodge

4th     Nikki Thakray & Ghaicorrie                                EMDG Ascot

5th     Eve Marie Manchon & Belvoir First Prospect   EMDG Aintree

6th     Charlotte Kershaw & Branchfield Hannah        Tickhill


Junior Teams:

1st     North Lincs  


Junior Individuals:

1st      Ralfie Timmins &Little Dale Star                        North Lincs

2nd     Maisy Short & Churchill Nelly                            North Lincs

3rd     Robyn Byrne & Cracker Jack                   North Lincs

4th     Emily Woods & A Lot Of Red                   Tickhill

5th     Amelie Lambie Fryer & Tiesto                           Tickhill

6th     Neve Mumbey & Wonderful Rusty                    North Lincs


NAF Superflex 90cm Show Jumping:

Senior Teams:

1st      Howden

2nd     Forces Equine

3rd     Rearsby Lodge

4th     North Lincs

5th     EMDG Wetherby


Senior Individuals:

1st      Kylie Holt & Doris                                               Howden

2nd     Lucy Nickson & Impressive Van Der Heer        EMDG Wetherby

3rd     Jed Pedley & Semofits Done                   EMDG Wincanton

4th     Keeley Davies & A Rio Negra                            Howden

5th     Carolyn Chapman & Just William                      Rearsby Lodge

6th     ASM Graeme Mathews & Sweet Touch II         Forces Equine



NAF Superflex 90cm Show Jumping:

Junior Team:

1st      Rearsby Lodge

2nd     Tickhill


Junior Individuals:

1st      Mia Barlow & Kilnalock Pilgrim                          Rearsby Lodge

2nd     Natasha Green & Twister V                               Blidworth Equestrian

3rd     Ryan Trafford & Beckside Midnight Star           Welton

4th     Hannah Comery & Ballylahive Prince               Tickhill

5th     Laura Scawthon & Drifter                                   Tickhill

6th     Brooke England & The Lucky Deal          Rearsby Lodge



NAF Superflex 100cm Show Jumping:


1st      North Lincs.

2nd     EMDG Goodwood

3rd     Rearsby Lodge

4th     Forces Equine

5th     Blidworth Equestrian



1st      Jemma Smith & Tyersal Safeco Charm Offensive North Lincs

2nd     Charlotte Thrower & Lady Maddison May        North Lincs

3rd     Louise Clark & Exora                                         EMDG

4th     Lillie Barnett & Ask Tom                                     Forces Equine

5th     Ralfie Timmins & Kanjes Wiz Kid                      North Lincs

6th     Jade England & Gloster Boy                             Rearsby Lodge


NAF Superflex Open 110cm Show Jumping

1st      Sara Lees Brillase St. Hubertshoeve                EMDG

2nd     Ralfie Timmins & Garden of Eaton                    North Lincs



NAF Magic Style Jumping:

Senior Teams:

1st      Howden

2nd     North Lincs

3rd     EMDG

4th     Tickhill


Senior Individuals 75cm:

1st      Andrea Lloyd & Charltons Cavalier          Howden

2nd     Gill Flowers & Arthur                                           North Lincs

3rd     Victoria Strathman & Irish Kelpie                       Welton

4th     Sharon Stones & Standlynch Strider                 EMDG Epsom

5th=   Alex McNamara & Murphy and The Bricks       North Lincs

5th =  Nicky Polson & Kavanaghs Bride Valley Lux    Howden


Senior Individuals 85cm:

1st      Charlotte Kershaw & Branchfield Hannah        Tickhill

2nd     Alex McNamara & Termon Captain          North Lincs

3rd     Abigail Van Der Heever & Silver Endeavour    Welton

4th     Rachel Frew & Jimmy                                        Rearsby Lodge

5th     Kelly Davies & A Rio Negra                               Howden

6th     Cath Cox & Penlanganol Travis                        EMDG Epsom


NAF Magic Style Jumping:

Junior Teams:

1st      Tickhill Garnet

2nd     Tickhill Ruby


Junior Individuals 75cm:

1st      Amy Weir & Lucy V                                             Tickhill Garnet

2nd     Alice Watkins & Flame                                       Tickhill Garnet

3rd     Amelie Lambie Fryer & Tiesto                           Tickhill Ruby


Junior Individuals 85cm:

1st      Hannah Comery & Ballylahive Prince               Tickhill Ruby

2nd     Isabella Parker & Murphy                                  Tickhill Garnet

3rd     Ryan Trafford & Beckside Midnight Star           Welton

4th     Laura Scawthon & Drifter                                   Tickhill Ruby

5th     Holly Stubbins & Zackab                                   Tickhill Garnet


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